Gus W. Moen - Curriculum Vitae

Castle Rock, CO 80109


This document will provide you with a deeper understanding of my work experiences, myself as an individual, and the types of things that I can bring to your organization. I will expand on a sampling of positions and points represented in my resume to accomplish this task.


My objective at this point in my career is, "To work in an environment where I am allowed to utilize my passion and strong interpersonal skills to build prosperous relationships (create raving fans) with clients and co-workers alike!" I am now searching for the place where I can reach my objective and reward the company I work for.

Professional Highlights

Executive Director of eCareer

The eCareer Program is something that I am extremely proud of. It is a position that I created and built for myself. In this position, I managed the eCareer Program, which is a technical educational program that I developed and then implemented company-wide with my team.

Managing the eCareer Program consisted of, but is not limited to the following:

Program Creation - I designed the curriculum that would make up the eCareer Program. This included Microsoft Official Curriculum for Windows 2000 along with 3rd party courses and finally customized course material.

Course Development - Once the program blueprint was laid out, we set out to write the courseware for the custom courses. With the assistance of technical writers, I made my vision into our custom courses.

Program Launch - After the program took shape, it was time to launch it to the field. I developed educational literature and collateral for the field to use in understanding the new program. This was rolled out company-wide under my direction.

Program Implementation - I worked with each counselor across North America to successfully run eCareer.

Marketing/Advertising - I was also responsible for the marketing and advertising for this program, which included an advertising budget of $1,560,000.00 This included managing the media buys for all branches, as well as assisting in the writing of copy and development of ads.

The eCareer Program was designed to train individuals in the technology field allowing them the opportunity to change their career entirely or enhance their current IT career.

Program Development

The eCareer Program was founded during the release time of Windows 2000. Because much of the program revolved around Microsoft Certification, I designed the entire curriculum for this program from the ground up to reflect Microsoft's new operating system and their new requirements for certification. This also included designing "custom" courses to enhance the Microsoft Official Curriculum. I worked with technical writers to take my vision and create these courses.

Sales Training

I have performed sales training as Sales Manager, General Manager, and Director of eCareer. I will outline a few of the experiences that I have had under the heading of Sales Training.

Basic Training - I have trained sales people in a basic "instructor-led" format on topics from technology to sales 101.

Sales Guides - I wrote a sales guide that walked each counselor through the sales process of our new eCareer Program. This guide also described the content of the technical programs in layman's terms, allowing the salespeople to really "understand" the program so they could effectively counsel their client on their career move.

Conference Calls - National training with $0 budget! With no training budget available, I conducted conference calls to train the counselors on specific subject matter throughout the year.

I am very comfortable presenting and use my passion to get the message to the masses.

Strategic Partnerships

In my vision, the eCareer Program was a tool that each eCareer Counselor could take out into their communities and make a difference. Instead of simply treating this program as a "retail" program, where we publicly promoted to individuals, we took things to a new level. Under my direction, we set up many strategic partnerships, which I will outline.

State Governments and Agencies - we assisted displaced workers to get them trained and back into the work force. This included counseling these candidates and assisting them in determining their career paths. Once the path was determined, we trained them and worked with them to find new jobs.

Corporations - We worked with companies to train or re-train their current employees using tuition reimbursement programs.

High Schools - We trained students who were not moving on to traditional higher education or those looking for a specific technical discipline to add to their traditional education.

Universities - We trained the university's corporate alliances on the technologies the university was not prepared to deliver.

Our eCareer Program became a tool to assist those in need of a new chance, while doing its part in shortening the skills gap in the information technology industry.

General Management

I took over a struggling branch in Seattle, Washington and quickly turned it around. There were two key elements to this quick turnaround. The first was the basic operations of the branch, which included scheduling and delivery of training. This also included obtaining the resources to deliver the business that we had in a more cost-effective manner. The second was simply morale. The people in the branch had been through numerous managers, who all proved to be unsuccessful in making the branch prosper. They were afraid that the branch might be shut down and each had personal issues that needed attention. They needed a leader, someone to listen to their issues and value their contributions, which I provided.

My general manager role gave me more experiences than I can list; however I will note a few of the key items.

Hiring/Firing - I built a sales team and an instructor team. This not only included hiring key people to perform, but also firing those that did not fit into the team.

Sales Management - I thoroughly enjoyed working with the sales team to drive business. Together, we defined the critical success factors for sales and measured those on a weekly basis.

Instructor Management - I worked with instructors to manage which classes they taught and when they taught them. I also worked with them on their development (which technologies they studied to teach in the future).

Profit & Loss - Responsible for the branch's P&L.

Scheduling - Determined public schedules for training.

Advertising - Managed our media for the branch, typically in the form of print and radio ads.

Daily Operations - I will take the liberty of using daily operations as my catchall category!

Microsoft Partnership

I worked hand in hand with Microsoft during my stay in Seattle. There were many exciting and interesting projects that we delivered for them during our relationship. One of them is easily described by providing the following link. Microsoft came to me and wanted to train their education partners on some key elements of Windows 2000. I managed the project working with Microsoft Studios to film the Windows 2000 Presentation that my trainer and I developed and it presently resides on Microsoft's web page for the world to see and use. Gus' Windows 2000 Training Project (click on Part 1 to see my introduction).

Seminar Delivery

I became a speaker in my career journey, as I delivered weekly seminars to the public on the technology industry. I would speak to crowds of 2 to 50 on the fast-paced, exciting world of technology and explained how they could be a part of it if they chose to.


Although I have used my marketing skills throughout my career, I started my formal marketing in my position as Marketing Director for an accounting firm. It is here where I gained the following experiences:

Personal Marketing Plans - I worked individually with each partner and manager to develop a personal marketing plan. These plans identified which markets each person was going after and how we were going to get there. I was there to assist them in their efforts and keep them on track.

Direct Mail - I worked many direct mail campaigns for the accounting firm in a couple of specific niches they were targeting.

Newsletter - I wrote and published an in-house newsletter that I distributed to all members of the company to keep them informed of the happenings of the firm and its employees.

Trade Shows - I represented the firm at many trade shows.

Community Groups - I was involved with many community groups, such as the Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of the company.

Proposal Writing - I identified bid opportunities and wrote proposals for accounting audits.

Mixer Coordination - I coordinated social functions with local banks and law firms that we were courting for business.

Competitive Athletics

I have played competitive athletics throughout my life. My involvement in sports has taught me many things that I continue to use today in all aspects of life. I have learned discipline, hard work, teamwork, ability to succeed under pressure, how to strive toward a goal, how to enjoy success, and how to respond to adversity to name a few things. I also received the honor of National Junior College Athletic Association All-American in Baseball.


I see myself as a very passionate individual. I enjoy working with people and helping them in many ways. Whether it is my employees or my clients, I strive to assist people in becoming the best they can be. I am a leader that leads by example and has brought good things to the organizations and teams that I have been a part of. I am confident that my success will continue to follow me wherever I may land and I look forward to the next challenge and opportunity.

I have experience in sales, sales management, sales training, general management, program development, program management, and education consulting among other things. Most importantly, I know people and can think. This allows me to be flexible and gain the support from all of the people that make it happen. Together as a team, we are much more powerful. It also makes for a very rewarding career for myself and those around me.

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